When our mini met Minnie

For nearly ten years I tried to drag my mans arse to Disneyland but there was always the excuse of a tropical destination in our way. Having Smeckle, gave me the ultimate bate to make it happen! We actually booked it up as our babymoon just after we found out I was pregnant with Smeckle... Continue Reading →

Chasing a rainbow

Having a baby was always in our plans and after having such a lovely first pregnancy which resulted in our beautiful, healthy daughter, wanting another to complete our little family was too easy a decision to make. Now, after the trauma and heartache of losing our second child, comes the time to decide whether we... Continue Reading →

I found a man

I found a man and he saved me He took a broken girl and set her free I found a man who nurtured my pain He gave every reason to live again I found a man who made me strong He held me high so I could carry on I found a man and he... Continue Reading →

Seeing red

One small patch of red was the devastating start I tried to stay strong but I knew in my heart Then after the scan the red really did flow But despite the agony, my body couldn't let go Three weeks of red and we were still holding on Then I was put to sleep until... Continue Reading →


A smile might not be what I naturally have on a lot these days but they're up there with what helps me through my sad face. Anyone can dish them out, they're not hard to do and are completely free of charge! They're possibly the most precious expression if genuinely prosecuted and can be simply... Continue Reading →

Our Little Sausage

When Smeckle arrived in the big wide world she wasn't technically the first baby in our little family. We were already doted parents to our loyal, furry, four legged sausage. She's been in our lives now for nearly six years and could not imagine it without her. She's been through every single major milestone in... Continue Reading →


When I glance over at your wings hanging on the tree I think of you flying high, so pure and so carefree You're up there with others that were taken from us too They're making sure you're safe and taking care of you You lovingly gaze upon us, to watch our life unfold Knowing one... Continue Reading →

A bauble for my baby

Last year was our first Christmas as a little family. Smeckle was six months old and although she didn't have a bloody clue what was going on, she was what made Christmas come alive again. She was a reason for the magic and the best excuse for us to relive our childhood! She received her... Continue Reading →


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