A letter to the stars

Hello little one You should be in the world with us today but as you couldn't make it here, I wanted to write to you, in hope that somehow my words find their way. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. I've craved the feeling of your kicks and the sound... Continue Reading →

Today was a bloody good day

At Christmas time we bought Smeckle a trampoline. Nothing spectacular just a toddler size one that you can use indoors and out and she absolutely loves it! She has a crazy 10 minute boing here and there when she fancies it and it's been a great activity to help her develop her jumping skills. One... Continue Reading →

My first love

Ten years ago today, I lost my first love. A young, fit twenty year old man who had so much to live for. On May the 6th 2008, he made a decision that took his life and changed so many others forever. We had been together for three and a half years. I was fourteen... Continue Reading →

I’m still here Mummy

There's the emerald that sits on your finger, which daddy gave to you It's a symbol, you're still holding me with everything you do There's the scan that sits by your pillow as you gaze at it each night That's the reminder I was still there when you were holding on so tight There's the... Continue Reading →

Hold a grieving hand

You can't take people's grief away but you can help them process what they're going through. After experiencing a missed miscarriage, I struggle to cope with my own feelings sometimes so I can't expect others to know how to deal with them too but I have been extremely lucky with the support around me and... Continue Reading →

You were there

I was happy, you were there I was broken, you were there I needed to talk, you were there I felt alone, you were there I craved comfort, you were there I wanted to laugh, you were there When I celebrated, you were there When I asked for help, you were there You've always been... Continue Reading →

Making a house a home

Over the years my husband and I have lived together in three different accommodations. We started off in his bachelor pad, a one bed maisonette, in which I gradually moved myself into over the first six months and just never left... He bought this flat a few months before we met, rather run down and... Continue Reading →


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