Deciding to become mum

I married the love of my life back in July 2015. We jetted off on our honeymoon the next day and lived life to the full for three weeks, exploring parts of the far east. There was plenty of sun, sea and cock…tails while my husband and I basked in the early days of marriage. We spoke a lot about our future plans while we were away, discussing how we were going to finish the house we had bought together a couple of years before, how we wanted to enjoy our first year of newly weds being selfish and doing what we wanted to do to enjoy just being with each other. We talked about booking up a holiday to Sri Lanka (still firmly on the bucket list), when we returned home. It was going to be our paradise to start sowing the seeds of love as they say, all strategically part of our fairy tale.

All this changed when we returned home. No more wedding plans, massive honeymoon blues and a house half finished. It gave us the realization that something was missing. We had been together seven years by this point, were already holding onto so many amazing memories. We were satisfied with the beautiful places that we’d seen for now and were prepared to put our drunken lifestyle behind us and the house was just material. We just felt so ready, ready to start our family.

Once our minds were made up there was nothing more in the world that we wanted than for me to be pregnant. I came off the pill and we started trying straight away then the rest was in natures hands.

To our surprise, a month later, we got our two pink lines and our life was changed forever.

Simply the best decision we’ve ever made…



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