Goodbye my silent baby

Goodbye my silent baby as I feel you slip away
You may be leaving my body but in my heart you’ll always stay
I’m so sorry nature took you from me before we even met
But carrying you for as short as I did is something I’ll never forget
I wish I could just hold onto you for the rest of time
But I guess I’m lucky to keep with me that you will always be mine
I never got to feel you move but I definitely knew you were there
I tried my best to keep you going and to show you that I care
I never got to kiss your face or hold your tiny hand
But you will forever be my baby just not here as we had planned
Nobody can ever take away the love I have for you
You are my child, my baby, my Smeckle number two
When I found out you were there you had so much happiness to give
I’ll make sure my beautiful baby in me you will always live
You have changed my life forever so much more than in just one way
Sleep tight my silent baby you will be with me everyday

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