Shaped by life

You may have applied for the job that you have or picked the house that you live in. You might have paid for a car that you drive or changed the cut and colour of your hair. You most probably decide what clothes to put on your back every day and what food you’re going to eat. You have power over most things in your life but it’s life that powers you. Everything you’ve experienced since you came into this world has shaped the person you’ve become.

Good and bad have passed through my life, both on more than one occasion. Times have been embraced and cherished and others have swallowed me whole and just left me in the darkness, alone. Each and every moment has built me up or teared me down. They’ve opened up my eyes to love, pain, beauty and pure ugliness. They’ve been a roller coaster of happiness and sad yet I’ve survived them all. And because of them, I have strength, appreciation, determination, passion and most of all I still have life. A life that will be full of more ups and downs no matter how big or small but a life that is shaping me.

Everyone has a past. Don’t be scared to talk about it and share the chapters of your story. Be proud and shout about what gets you out of bed every day or equally find the strength to at least wisper the things that make you not want to… After all they are the reasons you are who you are today.

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