My baby you’ll always be

Mourning a little life you’ve never met, never touched, never even spoken their name, is the most isolating feeling I’ve ever felt.

I am the Mum of that life, the reason that life existed and why that life started to grow. The home in which that life lived in and the food that life consumed. I was everything to that life and that life was everything to me.

I may be one of many who have lost but I’m also one of many that instantly fell in love. Just because I’m a statistic it doesn’t seem fair that the little life I lost should mean any less to any other life that managed to make it here. That life will never be replaced and it didn’t just stop living for a reason. That invisible life may have just been words to everyone else but it was part of me and will be part of my life forever more.

I will never forget and will always miss the little life that lived in me,

I refuse to let you go because my baby you’ll always be.

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