A bauble for my baby

Last year was our first Christmas as a little family. Smeckle was six months old and although she didn’t have a bloody clue what was going on, she was what made Christmas come alive again. She was a reason for the magic and the best excuse for us to relive our childhood!

She received her first letter from Father Christmas which came through the post with a packet of reindeer mix that was of course left out on Christmas Eve, accompanied by a couple of beers which managed to go down a treat! She even managed to wangle a date with the big guy himself! She was given her own elf name, Joyful Sugarsocks, along with a little elf hat and was led through the colourful grotto to receive her gift from him and his helpers. There, we had a mini photo shoot and was able to pick from the selection for a memento which went in a snow globe frame (as tasteful as possible as we’re snobs in our household). I got to buy our very first daughter card which took me forever to pick, eventually opting for one with meaningful words and a super cute pic! I might have even made an impulse buy when seeing a massive cuddly reindeer that was half price (bargain right?!). We put up the tree and placed a bauble center stage. A classy looking bauble that we come across, that says everything Smeckle is to us and one that of course went with the colour scheme of our tree! All in all we had fun, we enjoyed every single moment of it and although Smeckle won’t remember a second we have the special memories of our very first Christmas with our little lady and she has a box filled with keepsakes for when she’s old enough to understand.

A year on and at the start of December I had pretty much written Christmas off. After losing a little one so close, there was no room for it when grief and sadness has taken over. Seeing and hearing about everyone else enjoying the festivities and spreading their happiness just made me want to shut it out even more. Luckily Daddy had the strength, he still wanted to at least put up the tree. As the decorations were coming out the box we came across the bauble. The bauble that says it all. The bauble that made me realize the importance of doing Christmas. We need the magic, the fun, the happiness that comes along with it and we need it for her, our perfect daughter.

So we booked up our visit to see Father Christmas and shortly after, she received her letter from him too. I went and bought the meaningful Christmas card which will be put in her box and on Christmas Eve there will be something left out for the reindeer. We will do Christmas, our second as a little family and it will all be for our perfect daughter, our tiny, eighteen month old, drunk looking person so full of love and life that deserves nothing less. After all she has given us every reason to carry on.

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  1. Thank you so much Rysie! It means a lot that someone has taken an interest in my words. That’s made me really happy on a bad day. I’ll get onto writing up my conditions of acceptance! Well done for your award X


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