Our Little Sausage

When Smeckle arrived in the big wide world she wasn’t technically the first baby in our little family. We were already doted parents to our loyal, furry, four legged sausage. She’s been in our lives now for nearly six years and could not imagine it without her. She’s been through every single major milestone in our relationship and is never far away in our thoughts when it comes to making plans.

Her story roots from the moment my (now) husband and I were taking a lovely stroll through a park in the city of Rome. We were walking right behind a lady and her pooch and could not resist the sight of the little cutie (the dog that is not the woman). She must have heard our ooooo’s and awwwww’s as she stopped to talk to us. We interestingly asked questions, making sure we took note of the breed, and instantly fell in love with it’s beauty and characteristics. Upon our return home we began researching and over the next few months, decided we wanted a dog of our own. A miniature Dachshund would simply be the perfect addition to our life and so the search started for the very one we wanted.

We found a breeder a couple of hours drive away who had a beautiful litter of four. Two girls and two boys being a mixture of shaded red and brown and tan. We phoned the guy prior to our visit and he informed us that he only had a shaded red girl and brown and tan boy left. We were pretty set on having a little lady and so asked if we were able to come and meet her. Later that day we pulled up to his house and he firstly introduced us to the mother of the litter and her mum too. They were stunning! Both shaded red themselves and a good indication as to what the pup would look like fully grown. Behind the mum was her gorgeous babies, so small and so mischievous already at the early age of just five weeks old. The man scooped up the girl we had come to see and she instantly melted our hearts. What an adorable, teeny thing she was with her flappy ears and squidgy belly! We had already made our minds up, she was the one! We paid our deposit and set off to wait for the day we could bring our her home.

Four weeks passed and the big day came when we could go and get her. We’d turned the flat into a doggy daycare center with baskets, toys and treats everywhere for when she arrived. From the moment she did, our life changed. Now I’m a mum to a human baby I’m allowed to say that having a puppy and a child aren’t that much different! We were kept up all night, constantly needed and trying to work out the rights and wrongs of bringing up another little life. We never wanted to go out unless she could come with us because it just wasn’t fair to leave her on her own but over time we all adapted and she learned to understand the routine. For a couple of years we spent many a time in all sorts of weather standing on a patch of grass, failing miserably at toilet training (something Dachshunds are notoriously bad for) so with that in mind, although our flat was a nice size for the three of us to comfortably live we thought the little sausage would benefit with a garden so we sold up and bought a house.

Now living the life with some new turf to investigate we thought we were all invincible! That was until we nearly lost her. The poor little thing kept being sick and lost a ridiculous amount of weight in such a short time. Over a couple of months we had been taking her to the vets and was being fobbed off with the advice that they thought she just had an extremely sensitive tummy and charged us for their stupidly expensive food they’d suggested we give her. Enough was enough, we took her to another veterinary clinic where they straight away discovered a mass in her stomach. Over the short six months we’d had her a foreign object had formed over time of my hair, fluff from a tennis ball, carpet which she’d chewed etc and it was blocking her up and making her severely ill. We were absolutely devastated and felt so guilty that it had got to the point where she was so poorly. Thankfully it had been discovered in time and she was operated on quick enough that she’s still here with us today after a full recovery.

Since then she’s been on travels to France and little mini breaks around the UK and when she hasn’t been able to join us she makes her way down to Devon and spends that time with family there. She’s been our wedding cake, an insanely life like version made purely of chocolate, sponge and icing! She’s become a protective big sister to Smeckle and moved house with us yet again. She knows when something’s wrong and is always there to snuggle up with when you need too. She’s been through a lot already in her little life and she’s just had to deal with it all with no understanding.

Yeah she might like to eat the odd turd she’s laid and bark at just about everything but that’s who she is and we love her all the same. I know not everyone is a dog lover and some see them as shit machines. Some people don’t understand the love a owner has for their canine but I cannot express how much our little sausage means to us. She’s part of our family and we will do our up most to cater for her needs and involve her as much as we can in life. She didn’t choose to be here, we chose her. We got her to love and from that moment she was our responsibility. I think it’s safe to say she’s happy and that’s just about enough for me!

Crazy Dachshund Lady

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