A smile might not be what I naturally have on a lot these days but they’re up there with what helps me through my sad face. Anyone can dish them out, they’re not hard to do and are completely free of charge! They’re possibly the most precious expression if genuinely prosecuted and can be simply created by anything.

One smile I get to see every day is owned by my husband. The smile I met nearly 10 years ago as it formed on his drunken face across the dance floor. I see it when he’s happy and even manage to catch a glimpse of it when he’s not. Being a positive person helps to keep it at bay whatever the weather.

One smile led to another one day and somehow we produced the best smile in the world, Smeckle’s smile! (I’m allowed to say that right as I’m her mum?!) This smile is to die for!!! It gets me every time and oh my, how it is infectious! It’s so ridiculously cheeky yet so innocent and carefree.

There’s beautiful smiles within my family and friends as well as complete strangers that just want to brighten someone’s moment. There’s smiles that are no longer with us but if we were lucky enough to catch them on camera then that smile will live forever, finding yourself smiling straight back.

The smiles combined have massively helped me to find my smile again. It makes me feel lighter when I do even if I’ve felt guilty to let it show. I don’t smile just because I’m happy, in fact that could be far from how I feel. I smile because it’s been given to me and I can give in return.

There’s always a reason to smile, you just need to find it.

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