When our mini met Minnie

For nearly ten years I tried to drag my mans arse to Disneyland but there was always the excuse of a tropical destination in our way. Having Smeckle, gave me the ultimate bate to make it happen! We actually booked it up as our babymoon just after we found out I was pregnant with Smeckle number two. I would have been six months gone and it was going to be our first family holiday as a four. When all that changed, so did my feelings towards the trip. It all of a sudden felt tainted and I started to dread how I was meant to deal with my emotions and hold it together for five days.

A car journey and two trains later, we arrived at the Santa Fe Hotel, Disneyland Paris. We checked into our room, freshened up and took a stroll along the lake to the parks. We were lucky enough to make it in time to watch the parade that evening. Smeckle was in daddy’s arms when the music started and you couldn’t hold her back from busting out her moves. The first float came towards us, all colourful and bright with Mickey and Minnie leading the show. I looked over at my little family, Smeckle full of smiles and excitement and daddy bursting with pride and happiness. It was that exact moment, all the dread I’d held onto, just went away. I needed to embrace that happiness and enjoy every single moment I could with my whole world right there.

Prior to the holiday we’d gone a bit overboard with the Minnie merchandise. Smeckle slept with her, wore her, ate with her and even bathed with her! Therefore she was well and truly familiar with her before we even got there. We had to give our mini the opportunity to meet her new best friend so we queued for about half an hour to capture what must have been the most amazing moment of Smeckle’s little life. We let her trot over to Minnie who held out open arms as Smeckle ran into them. I literally have never seen my baby so happy. She was in her absolute element and lapping up every second. Minnie took her time to give her undivided attention, fitting in a family photoshoot and signature. It truly was so special for us to see and such a beautiful memory to treasure forever.

Once Smeckle got over the initial despair of being dragged away from Minnie (the kid went full melt down)! We broke the bank and bought a €9 helium balloon of the characters face to soften the blow. After knocking people out the way or being bashed in the face with the inflated foil, we decided to keep it in the room for the remainder of our stay. Smeckle enjoyed playing with it while we got ready in the mornings and it was still floating around when the last day came. Daddy was adamant we wasn’t going to battle with it all the way home so I wanted to let it go. We took the balloon back to the park and during the day, we set it free. It was so calming to watch it float away and for a while, it seemed, everything else just stood still. There was soft music playing in the background as I took that moment to think about our baby that couldn’t make it there with us and for a split second, I found peace.

So over the course of five days we had been taken on a magic carpet ride, a journey through Neverland and flew high in the sky with Dumbo among many more fairytale adventures. We danced with Baloo and curtsied to Cinders and even made the most of meeting Mickey twice. We smiled so much and we laughed a lot. We had the time of lives. And with that, it’s made me realise, that it’s never too late to live happily ever after.

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