A family that eats together, stay healthy together

We’ve always had such positive compliments about Smeckle’s eating habits. She absolutely adores her food and will literally try anything you put in front of her. There are a couple of options to choose from when coming to the weening stage with your little one and we decided to go with baby led. Ultimately you’ve got to pick the way that is right for you and this ticked all the boxes for us so we gave it a go!

Since me and daddy got together, food has been a major part of our life. We’ve always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and cooking up recipes from the cultural cuisines we’ve sampled on our travels. We love a bit of heat (although daddy can’t handle it as well as me) and even the simplest of dishes has to have a bit of added spice! We like to eat fresh food packed with the necessities for a balanced diet so we figured why should Smeckle eat any differently?

Obviously we didn’t shove a Phall hot curry under her nose the day she turned six months old but as my diet didn’t drastically change throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding, we thought we’d allow her to have the food we were cooking when she was ready. So after a few months of handling cucumber, banana, avocado etc we started slipping in a bit of meat from our meals and she loved trying all the different flavours! Food is for fun at that age and a massive learning experience so we tried to make it as interesting as possible for her and it even opened us up to trying new things!

We went through a stage where everything came in muffin form. It blew my mind the nutrients you could get into a muffin and they become a lovely breakfast or lunch alternative for us all! There’s a couple of bites I’ll make for the little lady and always catch daddy tucking into them too so it’s nice to know we can all enjoy the food in the house together. Don’t get me wrong we love our crap as well, and Smeckle gets her fair share, but they’re treats and we probably appreciate a takeaway or slabs of chocolate (consumed in one sitting) a lot more because of that.

Food hasn’t always been my friend. A few years ago now, I suffered from an eating disorder, and some of my tricks will always stay with me but I did learn a lot about food and the importance of it when going through that rough patch. Because of my experience it’s so important to me that I try to give the best for my little one. I don’t want my issues to reflect onto her and the way she sees food in life. After all, it is there to be enjoyed and a fuel for the body and mind which she so very needs to enable development.

During the week Smeckle and I breakfast and lunch as a pair then daddy gets to join in for dinner when he gets home. Evenings and weekends are when we can really enjoy feasting as a family. We sit round the dinner table and talk each other’s ears off (this has massively helped Smeckle’s vocabulary boom too). It’s an important time of the day where we can sit and click together, enjoying the food we like to eat.

Your relationship with food is what you make it. It can change your lifestyle! It’s not just about what you consume, it’s about how it makes you feel. One feeling I’ve recently learnt is, a family that eats together, stay healthy together in more than just one way.

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