Today was a bloody good day

At Christmas time we bought Smeckle a trampoline. Nothing spectacular just a toddler size one that you can use indoors and out and she absolutely loves it! She has a crazy 10 minute boing here and there when she fancies it and it’s been a great activity to help her develop her jumping skills.

One of the lovely mums at a weekly class we go too, asked if we fancied a visit to a local trampolining park with her and her son. I’d never heard of it before but it came highly recommended and knowing how much Smeckle loves her one at home, I had to snap up the offer. So we set a date.

The four of us met up this morning and we spent the best part of the day socialising and having fun. After a quick safety briefing at the beginning we were let loose in the massive facilities where we were all able to bounce freely. And oh my, it was bloody brilliant!

Smeckle moved from trampoline to trampoline, so overwhelmed with how many there were, she just had to bounce on them all! I took the time to watch her sweet, happy, little face take it all in and it made me smile so much. I couldn’t help but bounce with her! She was having far too much fun! So we bounced and we bounced and I drained every second I could watching my little bundle of love be so carefree. And in that time, I allowed myself to feel nothing but happiness.

After a tiring hour, it was time to grab a coffee where we chatted like us mums do and I found myself easily open up and let my feelings flow. Time ran away with us so we decided to grab a picnic and take a walk around the lake. We sat in the sunshine and then watched the tots playing in the park. It was just so refreshing to talk to a mum outside of my normal circle who just wanted to be an ear. A definite comfort in my time of need.

I came away today, now knowing that there is still so much happiness in my heart, if I just let it out. And there’s certainly room in my life for a new great friend.

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