I found a man

I found a man and he saved me He took a broken girl and set her free I found a man who nurtured my pain He gave every reason to live again I found a man who made me strong He held me high so I could carry on I found a man and he... Continue Reading →

Seeing red

One small patch of red was the devastating start I tried to stay strong but I knew in my heart Then after the scan the red really did flow But despite the agony, my body couldn't let go Three weeks of red and we were still holding on Then I was put to sleep until... Continue Reading →


When I glance over at your wings hanging on the tree I think of you flying high, so pure and so carefree You're up there with others that were taken from us too They're making sure you're safe and taking care of you You lovingly gaze upon us, to watch our life unfold Knowing one... Continue Reading →

16 Weeks

I was meant to hear your heartbeat for the very first time today Just over 16 weeks pregnant so would have been nearly half way Half way to holding you in my arms and taking you home with me Half way to the beginning of the rest of your life, the start of your own... Continue Reading →

A new day

Every day is one that's new Another to face without holding you Life carries on and time goes by Yet the pain's still there no matter how I try I've smiled, I've laughed and I've carried on But nothing hides the fact that you are gone Now more than just a beautiful memory I will... Continue Reading →


An empty feeling as I opened my eyes An empty soul as I let out cries An empty place where you used to be An empty womb that lives in me An empty life that was paved for you And empty dreams that won't come true Emptiness that I'll always hold An empty story that... Continue Reading →


Grief brings so much sadness Grief brings so much pain When will I feel happiness? When will I be me again? Grief makes you angry Grief consumes your mind When will I smile without feeling bad? When can I leave this sorrow behind? Grief takes away life for a moment Grief takes away the joy... Continue Reading →


You've helped me pass my grief and eased away the pain Now years down the line you're here to soothe again You hold me up when i'm drowning You're my shadow in the dark You are my words of wisdom You're the healing for my heart Your hurt is set aside if I am hurting... Continue Reading →

Staring in the mirror

Staring in the mirror A stranger looking back at me Sad expression, swollen eyes A body where you used to be Take me back to that place When a face was shining bright Smile from side to side A life where everything was right Some day there will be happiness I'll adjust to the pain... Continue Reading →


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