16 Weeks

I was meant to hear your heartbeat for the very first time today Just over 16 weeks pregnant so would have been nearly half way Half way to holding you in my arms and taking you home with me Half way to the beginning of the rest of your life, the start of your own... Continue Reading →

My baby you’ll always be

Mourning a little life you've never met, never touched, never even spoken their name, is the most isolating feeling I've ever felt. I am the Mum of that life, the reason that life existed and why that life started to grow. The home in which that life lived in and the food that life consumed.... Continue Reading →

The mask of depression

Depression is just not the one and unfortunately there's no prevention to being a victim. You might just stumble one day and find yourself in this scary, fucked up place that you have no answers to get out of and once your life is riddled with the feelings you're not likely to find an end... Continue Reading →

Shaped by life

You may have applied for the job that you have or picked the house that you live in. You might have paid for a car that you drive or changed the cut and colour of your hair. You most probably decide what clothes to put on your back every day and what food you're going... Continue Reading →

A new day

Every day is one that's new Another to face without holding you Life carries on and time goes by Yet the pain's still there no matter how I try I've smiled, I've laughed and I've carried on But nothing hides the fact that you are gone Now more than just a beautiful memory I will... Continue Reading →

Feeding from your fun bags

Breast or bottle? You can choose the way you'd prefer to feed your baby but the choice isn't always yours. Whatever way it ends up being, it's right and you should never be made to feel any different. During my pregnancy I always tried to keep an open mind on the feeding front. I loved... Continue Reading →


An empty feeling as I opened my eyes An empty soul as I let out cries An empty place where you used to be An empty womb that lives in me An empty life that was paved for you And empty dreams that won't come true Emptiness that I'll always hold An empty story that... Continue Reading →

Dedication to midwives

Midwife... you put up with a lot of shit! Not only do you have vagina in your face for the best part of your job but you also have to deal with crazy, hormonal women and eventually their screaming babies! You're an amazing, unselfish breed of people that I personally don't think get the appreciation... Continue Reading →

Labouring life, labouring love

Every amazing mummy who has shared their labour story with me has had a completely different tale to tell. Whether it be length of labour, where the baby birthed from, choice of pain relief (if any) or how far along their pregnancy they were when it happened, each and every detail so different from another.... Continue Reading →


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